How a singularity is born!

How beautiful the formations of singular qualities can be in closely related multiplicites! How identity is constaly popping up i nature!! How a singularity is born!!!

Connected by the materiality of the air and entanglement of the roots, these trees form a multiplicity together. Still, there is a clear difference. They are different species. They share most of the environment as they are growing just a few meters from each other. Just to compare their leafless shapes to se the speices-shaping singularities at work.


The horse and I

It lasted only a few seconds. I saw the horse rushing around – it felt like pure joy. I moved closer to take a picture. The horse came rushing at me and stopped so close I could feel the horse’s breath. Then it rushed away like the wind. In that moment, I raised the smartphone and took the picture. For a short while we became a multiplicity together. The multiplicity is maintained through the photograph, my memories and probably the horse’s memories too. The multiplicity is constantly evolving. A multiplicity is for example everything that is you and everything that is I, and everything we become. My hand and my mind is participating in the constantly changing and evolving I that I call myself – including everything I relate to. I am always participating in other multiplicities with more or less consistency.

Water in the trees

I’ve always been fascinated by water puddles and especially since I bought my first digital camera. Water is the #decalcomania of nature. A somewhat so quiet water surface has the ability to make exciting things with reflections from objects nearby. What the water does in the picture is the same as Kafka did with his stories. He put a layer of anxiety over the stories. The water is completely neutral. The water has the ability to do decalcomania together with the surroundings and forces like the wind.


Bridges and jetties are very special human phenomena. They are solid structures, but they do not really affect the surface they deterritorialize. A jetty can be mounted down and the surface they have deterritorialized is completely reterritorialized. But for many, the jetty remains in memories, in photographs, in plan drawings, etc. Jetties could be said to have an extremely high degree of restorability, ie, to deterritorialize a space, but then restore the previous phenomenon with minimal impact. But what can not be restored is the virtual territories the jetty has created in the memory of humans and animals.

Jetties can be said to be temporary deterritorializing. Examples of opposites are nuclear war and sexual harassment. In these cases, whole new territories are created that affect life-time. Jetties are like an extended hand. The handshake aims at consensus, a temporary agreement.

The Bloodstream of Culture

As a little boy, photographs were still something magical, especially photos that bathed in electric light. It was a time when we actually used the word “electrically” about things. Today, the electrical light is the bloodstream of the culture. In technology’s fight about human attention, electricity has defeated something in the electricity-free culture. It has deterritorialized a territory previously held by another phenomenon, or possibly a network of other phenomena.

In the “car” phenomenon, electricity is about to deterritorialize the fuel system’s territory from gasoline and disel. In the photo above from 2017, it is probably petrol or diesel-powered cars down the street. By 2027, these cars will most likely be electric cars. Cars and motoring becomes connected to the bloodstream of electricity. Electricity takes over one of the last territories left on the map of missing areas.

Unmistakable topology

This shape is probably easy to identify everywhere in the world. It is displaced in the sense that the photo object is a very small harmful creature in the south of Sweden – which of course means no dangerous spiders. But even real scary spiders does not roam free in Ronneby, Sweden, today, the global warming creates a rhizome with a future enviroment with significally warmer climate. #howtorhizome #ronnebyrhizome #decalcomania

Territories of light

All forms of light are exiting. Light is the ultimate deterratorialization device. Each morning the sun forces the world of identities to the surface. From the light we become identifiable. It is also the light that creates visual affects. In the dark we can collide with a tree or hear all the sounds of the night, but it’s only when the light penetrates our eyes as the world appears to us as identities. More and more often, the light comes to us through technology. Technology is the light in our modern, urban world. As I probably will return to repeatedly, technology is constantly gaining on human territories¬†creating human-machine¬†territories.